11.11 Singles Day, China’s Ecommerce Version of Black Friday, Earns 5 Billion USD in the First 90 Minutes


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Singles Day in China is huge, but the data being released as to how much was sold is still an amount that many did not expect. Alibaba has reported that within the first 90 minutes of Singles Day launching, they sold 5 billion USD through Alipay. Before the start of the shopping spree known as 11.11 Singles Day, Daniel Zhang, the chief executive officer for Alibaba Group may his opening remarks, which seem a bit prophetic now, stating:

“This year, Alibaba Group has transformed 11.11 into an unprecedented mobile shopping experience. Over the course of the 24-hour shopping marathon, consumer will have a new surprise every hour that has been especially tailored for mobile users. The whole world will witness the power of Chinese consumption this November 11.”

Mobile users increased as the house for launching Singles Day approached. According to Alibaba almost 130 million users visited the Taobao mobile app, which exceeded who many people visited during Singles Day 2014 who visited the mobile app. Just a few of the highlights from the shopping festival that started at midnight on 11.11:

  • 27 million mobile buyers were active during the first house
  • Within 31 minutes, there was 3.1 billion USD GMV settled through Alipay
  • In 42 minutes, Alibaba had processed 100 million orders to ship out to consumers

Check out the infographic below for more details on the first hour of Singles Day 11.11 for Alibaba:

Singles Day

Zhang has stated:

“Last year, we handled a record-breaking 80,000 orders at peak per second at peak. This year, we expect to handle 120,000 orders and 60,000 payments at peak per second. It will be a product achievement for us.”

Learn more about what is being offered via Alibaba at this year Single’s Day here

About Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the leading ecommerce giants in all of China, while expanding their reach into other markets as well. They were founded in 1999, and have since then developed some of the best online and mobile shopping platforms that is offered in the Chinese ecommerce market. Some of the most major contributions of Alibaba including AliExpress, Tmall, Taobao Marketplace, and AliCloud.

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