Social Listening: An Essential Practice


What is Social Listening?

Every successful brand in China has integrated the practice of ‘social listening’ into their marketing campaigns. This generally involves monitoring social media accounts, responding to followers, identifying any problems with a campaign and regularly sending out relevant news and marketing materials. Ideally, this is all done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Social listening is vital to tracking the changing tastes and opinions of your customers and enables you to respond quickly and appropriately. With a country as large and heterogeneous as China, it would be sensible to have regional marketing teams carrying out social listening in order to understand the various regional differences in China and to tap into local communities online.

Social media offers us access to a vast wealth of information at their fingertips but it’s vital to understand what data to analyse in order to make your marketing campaign as efficient as possible. Here are some KPIs that you should track when carrying out a social media marketing campaign:

  1. Number of reposts
  2. Number of active participants
  3. The level of activity among users

Can I Get Help With Social Listening?

The KPIs listed above are all short term in nature and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in the long run will often necessitate bringing in a third party. Professionals, such as Resonance China, can help with monitoring long term KPIs and provide professional tools to analyse your social media presence. Traditionally, many marketers focus on customer acquisition and online advertising to further brand awareness but only someone with extensive experience, connections and an understanding of China can provide a precise and secure way of tracking brand awareness.

Many brands are still struggling to find a way to effectively use social media to communicate with their customers but, in a country where so many people are skeptical of traditional media, social media has become the outlet for news, entertainment and self-expression. Therefore, no one can afford to neglect social media in China.

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