3 Reasons Why the Weibo Population is Aging


The Ecological Society of China mobile community group has released a finding that only 2% of the Weibo population was born during or after 1995. This is an early indication that the Facebook-Twitter hybrid – founded in 2009 and with 30% of Internet users – may be showing signs of overtaking by the younger set. This happens to all brands eventually. Even the Argentinosaurus finally had its day.

Evolution of the Weibo Population

The pre-1995 Weibo population cut their teeth on QQ chat rooms, before navigating via free messaging centre WeChat and choosing Weibo that offered the best of both worlds. This must have continued working for them. In the first quarter of 2015 the Twitter-Facebook crossbreed reported 198 million monthly active users.

Changing Social Migration Patterns

The Ecological Society of China data indicates these migratory patterns have changed among those users born during or after 1995. They still cut their baby teeth in QQ chat rooms. Following that though, they navigate to Qzone to write blogs, keep diaries, send photos, listen to music, play computer games, and watch videos. Their finaldestination is currently Baidu Tieba Paste Bar, where they create niche discussion forums where other people share ideas.

The Post 2015 Digital Population is Different

The pre-1995 Weibo population comes from a culture of belonging to larger groups, staying on after school, and playing sport. Having large circles of friends on Weibo is a natural extension of this. By contrast, the younger set are more inclined to return home after school, and spend spare time alone on their smartphones enjoying Qzone’s offerings or joining a discussion forum on Paste Bar. Whether they will ever join the Weibo population is another matter.

The Ecological Society of China (1979) is an eclectic national non-profit dedicated to following the base line of society, and ‘letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend’.


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