Using City Culture to Sell Noodles – Mysterious Chongqing


As the idea of localisation builds in China, brands are starting to leverage China’s famous city cultures.  Both Chongqing and Chengdu, both huge cities in the South-west have started this trend, due to their spicy food, unique wildlife and reputation for enjoying life.

Recently, Uni-President (统一) launched a interesting culture-based campaign to launch a new “Sharing a City” packaging promotion for noodles.  The campaign focussed on post-modern narrative of travelling and exposing the city of Chongqing – a location known for being spontaneous and passionate.   Using a creative concept of city map, the campaign presented Chongqing as a place best navigated through your senses and emotions.

To promote the video-based campaign, Uni-President launched a series of online posters based the theme of “exploding your visual perspective”  (嗨爆你的眼球).  See below.

A reimagined journey through Chongqing


The wonderfully eclecletic world of Chongqing city

The noodles are the hero, as they bring together a guy and girl through a series of serendipitous moments, all created by the irresistible fragrance of the fresh noodles.  The cast is chaotic, and very Chongqing, giant pandas, crazy fish, flirtatious locals, trams, mountains … all shot together through clay-based stop animation.

Great to see the richness of local city cultures being expressed by brands.  Localisation is on the rise again in China, a natural expression of China’s rich and diverse culture, as the mega-nation finds its feet, and has the confidence to tell the wonderful little stories as well as the big ones.

Take a look at this very creative campaign

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