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Cartier first entered the Chinese market in in 1992, and since then it has opened 36 stores throughout China. Cartier has a high reputation for providing quality jewelry and watches to consumers. Since it was first introduced, which was in 1847 in France, the brand has had its products on some of the most famous and respected people throughout history, including several kings and queens.

Cartier in China

Cartier had a bit of a rough start within China, with many Chinese consumers finding that the product was not what they had hoped to see in what many have deemed to be the best jewelry provider on the market. However, after nailing down a marketing plan that works for China, the company entered into the social media platforms with ease. The company utilizes Weibo and Youku for their product descriptions and getting the word out about what they have to offer. They also advertise on television and throughout newspapers.

With their newspaper advertisement in 2012, this was broadcasting their Tank collection. When a viewer would click on the ad and be taken to the company’s website. Over the years, they have taken several of their collections and coupled with other companies in order to advertise these, which shows their ability to market to individual Chinese consumers when the need arises.

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Why Cartier Has Success in China

One of the most common questions that are asked is why such a luxury brand is having such high success in China. Chinese consumers are interested in luxury products that is well known.

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However, there is another reason why Cartier has seen success. They have utilized their product and various forms of advertising that best showcases their product, which has proven successful for the. Take their Love Collection for example. The company utilized varies celebrities throughout China in order to advertise their product. Hong Kong celebrity Khalil Fong was just one of the celebrities that were used with these advertisements. The company went so far as to set up a Love Day where the collection was discounted in price in order to encourage Chinese consumers to purchase these products.

Overall, Cartier is one of the companies that has been established in China for some years. It has proven that it knows what it takes to make it on the market. And businesses who are just entering into the market will find that Cartier can be a prime example of what they need to replicate.

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