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Mobile marketing is becoming even more popular in China, as the United States and China are leading the globe in how mobile marketing is being utilized to the max. Those companies within China who are not involved with mobile marketing are missing out on a huge customer potential. It is estimated that around 81% of Chinese consumers utilize their mobile to access the Internet. This is a huge potential for reaching customers, but for companies who are not using mobile marketing, it means they are losing out on a huge earning potential.

So how are successful companies utilizing mobile marketing for their benefit? And how can companies continue to ensure they grow with mobile marketing and tap into all this potential? These are questions that new and incoming foreign brands are asking themselves as they seek to make it big on the Chinese market.

Case Study: Volkswagen

Volkswagen has been in China and all over the world, for several years. They pride themselves on creating vehicles that are meant to last, while offering the latest in safety and security features. In order to use mobile marketing to its max, Volkswagen relief on their apps and other mobile marketing connections to let Chinese consumers follow along with behind the scenes look of the latest launch of their car. The idea was that those who were interested could follow the entire process of the car being manufactured, the safety features, and all that went into making this car what it is before it hit the market. For Volkswagen, this opened up a line of trust with the Chinese consumer, while also providing a great form of advertising for their latest car.

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The Stats for Mobile Marketing

The stats for mobile marketing continues to grow as the interest in this grows, and businesses realize that the mobile world is one in which they must tap into in order to reach the most consumers. Here are some stats about the mobile marketing world that many find interesting:

  • Mobile accounts are used in over a third of instances in which customers utilize a Chinese companies website
  • Marketing budgets for companies in China have around one-third of these budgets dedicated to mobile marketing and this number will increase as the years go by
  • As of December 2014, two-thirds of companies plan on increasing their mobile marketing budget and approach to the market
  • It is estimated that by 2016, the mobile phone penetration level will reach 86.9%
  • Over the years, mobile marketing has resulted in more sales, with an increase of around 250.9% every year

Tapping into Mobile Marketing

So how are companies tapping into mobile marketing? Besides devoting some of their budgets to this, and then hiring the appropriate teams and personnel to manage these types of marketing ideas, companies are trying to come up with new and innovative methods for marketing via mobiles. Several companies are utilizing advertisements via gaming media’s online that allow the company to be seen by those who game online.

Other companies are utilizing Chinese social media apps as a way to connect customers together, to ensure they have loyal customers and the like. What is clear is that companies who are not using mobile marketing to the best of their abilities are losing out on a huge potential for gaining and retaining a loyal customer base.

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