A Look at Singles Day for Tmall and Tmall Global



When speaking of Singles Day, most people immediately think of Alibaba as a whole. But, a question on many people’s minds is just how did Tmall and Tmall Global do on what is considered the biggest shopping day online? The many stores that call Tmall their home in China did rather well on Singles Day, with many of these stores setting personal records.

Tmall and Records Set

As stated before, there were several records set by stores that call Tmall home. One such record was set by the Cambridge Satchel Company. The company was able to increase their sales by 140% compared to their previous record. And they are also able to claim that this was the best sales day for them in the history of the company.

Of course, this is just a small snippet of the success that companies on Tmall and Tmall Global experienced on Singles Day. During the huge festival like gathering that Alibaba hosted in preparation for Singles Day, it was rumored that a dealership who sells BMW via Tmall Global sold out of his entire inventory from abroad. Of course, this is just a rumor, but goes to show just how well Singles Day was for Tmall.

A Breakdown of Sales for Singles Day

Alibaba who is the owner of Tmall, had significant sales throughout the day on Singles Day. Some of the highlights included:

  • Within 14 hours: $10 billion in merchandise sold
  • With under 18 minutes, $2 billion sold
  • After on and half hours, they had sold $5 billion
  • Sales from mobile accounted for 73.9% of total sales
  • Singles Day total sales outranked Cyber Monday in the US by millions of dollars

Tmall saw some great success in the Singles Day madness. Most companies who were selling through Tmall and Tmall Global saw some of the biggest sales from China that they have seen all year, thanks to the deals that they were running and the Singles Day attitude that Alibaba fostered.


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