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There are several businesses who are trademark brands in other countries, who decide to infiltrate the Chinese market in hope of reaching an even wider audience. That is very true when it comes to Forever 21. So far, the company does seem to showing signs of success when it comes to making it on the Chinese market, which brings to question what is this company doing that other brands and companies out there could duplicate for their own success?

About Forever 21

Forever 21 is a fashion boutique that is based out of the United States. It is a family orientated company that is still owned and operated by family, despite the fact that it is growing in size. The first store was seen in 1984, under the name of Fashion 21. After a few years, Fashion 21 was renamed and that began the legacy of Forever 21.

Since then, the company has partnered with several brands in an effort to bring even more fashion options to the world. They have also added beauty products, fashion for men and lingerie options to their line in an effort to become the store that people turn to when they are wanting any kind of fashion.

Forever 21 Enters Chinese Market

Fast forward to 2012, Forever 21 opened its first store in Beijing. The general merchandise manager of Forever 21, Lind Chang, stated:

“As one of the world’s largest consumer markets, China offers us endless opportunities to further expand.”

For 2015, Forever 21 plans ten additional locations throughout China in order to meet the demand and to increase their ability to supply for this demand. So how has this brand seen so much success on the market?

Forever 21 is not only opening their own stores, they are utilizing the power of the Internet as well. This is helping them to reach the Chinese market everywhere, rather than just where their brick and mortar stores are located. The brand does have a store on Tmall, as well as their Chinese website dedicated to the latest findings that the fashion store has to offer.

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One of the elements that makes Forever 21 so appealing to several shoppers is their fast idea about fashion. They churn out new fashion buys five times a week, having these immediately available within their store and their online stores. It is something that many people appreciate. In addition, they actively watch Taobao to ensure their clothing lines are not been duplicated.

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Forever 21 puts a lot of emphasis in not only their brick and mortar stores, but also in their online presence. They have seen the potential of Tmall, and have fully embraced this as a method to reach a wider audience.

The full digital report on Forever 21 and their presence in the Chinese Market can be found via digital report from Resonance here

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