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Social media is the backbone for online shopping, as this is how companies are reach customers and those who are considered potential customers. The importance of this is shown with the US Company Otte. Otte is a boutique that is located in New York City and is planning to start a store in Shanghai, which is the company’s first attempt at going beyond the United States. This brings to question when is a good time for a company to branch into China and how can a company ensure they are ready?

Social Media and Chinese Consumers

Otte has decided to move into shanghai after discovering that their online customers are mostly Chinese, in fact they estimate over 50% are Chinese, with those who are located in the US and those who are located in China. The company has been able to be noticed in the Chinese market thanks to their activity on Sina Weibo and WeChat. Even though the company is located in the United States, they saw the vital importance of social media in expanding their business.

The History of Otte with Chinese Social Media

Otte would not have been recognized by Chinese consumers if it weren’t for their involvement with online social media. Kay Lee, the founder of Otte, hired Nancy Zhang four years ago to become the Chief Operating Officer. Zhang had previously worked for Google, so she set out to find success with digital means. In terms of why she did this, she stated:

“It’s not like we were going to buy an ad in Vogue so social media was actually a free way of getting exposure.”

This is the mindset that many businesses have when they are looking at advertising their business and/or products. Thanks to the thinking of Zhang and her ability to transform the image of Otte, most people who are in China believe that this boutique is much bigger than what it truly is. This shows that social media can make or break a company looking to enter into the Chinese market.

How to do Social Media Right

So what did Otte do right with their social media campaigns in China? The company started early and really developed their messages for their target audience. Many of their Weibo messages are advertising their new products, while still being personal with those who are connected with them on the platform. For example, take the microblog recently posted on Weibo via Otte:

weibo otte

In the end, Otte has success with the social media in China because they have given customers what they want. Thanks to their success with social media, the company has blossomed in China and is soon going to have an even bigger impact.

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