A New Social App Comes to China: Shosha



There is a new social media app coming into China and other main areas throughout the world, aimed at bringing everyone a way to stay close with those friends and family that may be faraway, minus the advertising that is often seen from businesses throughout the world. The new app, called Shosha, is developed by Homeric de Sarthe, 27, who has been living in China for several years.

Where the Idea of Shosha was Born

Sarthe and his friends who live in China, often commented on how they missed their family and friends from their home country of France. However, they were not using other social media platforms as their parents found this difficult to use. In addition, with the privacy and confidentiality concerns associated with many social media platforms, it can make many people nervous about the idea of communicating with those who are close to them. With this being said, the idea of Shosha was born. Sarthe wanted a way that was simple for everyone to stay connected, which is exactly what makes Shosha different than other social media apps out there.

About Shosha

Shosha is going to be available for iOS and Android devices, however, currently it is in the beta process and only available on Android devices. Those who are interested in signing up can go to the website www.shoshaapp.com and sign up.

Shosha works to connect you with those personal family and friends that you want to stay in touch with, rather than finding new friends who may have similar interests. The idea is that those who use Shosha are going to be sharing everyday moments with those who are their friends and family on this app. The user is invited to take a video at random times of the day, which they can choose to do or save for later. They can then post this onto the app, and those friends and family can comment back on these videos that are uploaded.

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The idea is to give everyone glimpses into your day so your family and friends still feel a close knit connection with you. This is the main idea behind this app, and what is setting it apart from others that are on the market. The idea of sharing real moments, where everyone is not concerned about looking good is what has generated the interest in Shosha.


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