With the information that is seen on Social Brand Watch, we are targeting a specific demographic of people, reaching an audience that many websites cannot reach, specifically business owners, online retailers, marketing professionals and social media companies. For other businesses that are interesting in reaching this demographic, Social Brand Watch does offer a way in which a business can advertise to said demographics.

For those who are interested in advertising via Social Brand Watch, we invite you to submit your advertisement creative to our team. We will run through this and upon approval, you can expect to start seeing your advertisement placed on our site

Our Policy on Advertising

We do have maintain the right to deny advertisements that do not fit in with what we want our website to represent. If the product or service is of no interest to our intended audience, we will deny this advertiser. In addition, if the advertisement is for products that we would not utilize, we can refuse this advertiser. The process to approve the advertisements may involve communicating with said advertiser, asking questions, suggesting changes and learning more about the product or service the company wants to advertise.

Process of Purchasing Advertising

The process to purchase advertising through our company is relatively easy, after your advertisement is approved for our website.

  1. Select the inventory that you wish to purchase for your advertisements.
  2. Check the dates that your advertisements will be on the website
  3. Place your order by registering and paying.

Our advertising program is meant to stream line the process and ensure that everyone wins, by targeting the right market and with the right products/services. We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to hearing more about your proposed advertisement.

Guest Posting

At times, we do allow for guest posting to occur on our website that often includes a link back for the product/service being offered by the guest poster. However, we seldom say yes to guest posting unless the post meets all of our criteria. This criteria includes:

  • Must be completely 100% original and not a previously published somewhere else
  • The post must focus on social media in China, marketing in China, branding and the Chinese market such as Weixin, in one way or another
  • We do not want a post that is promoting your business constantly, we want posts that educate and spark interest
  • We prefer to post links in posts that have some content that is related to what we publish
  • We would like each post to include a bio of the author, along with a picture of the author. The bio can include one to two links, but no more.

If you are interested in wiring a guest post for us, then email us your idea/concept for the post. If the idea is approved, upon reviewing the written post, we will then decide whether to publish this or not. Just because an idea is approved does not mean that the post will be uploaded to our website. We reserve the right to make changes and deny any guest post we receive.

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