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Alibaba has been in the news recently for a vast number of items, including the idea that they were a failing company to their talks of cross border e-commerce. Alibaba is a main player in the Chinese online shopping world, and for good reason. As they are the company that is bringing more products and mores services to the Chinese consumer.

With this being said, Alibaba is at it again with their newest deal with DHX Media. DHX Media is a Canadian producer of children’s video programs. DHX Media is considered one of the largest independent owners of children’s television. Offering programs that most kids have at one point in time watched. The deal between Alibaba and DHX Media is going to give Chinese consumers the chance to see programs that have been highly popular in North America for the past few years.

How it will Work

DHX Media is going to give Alibaba the licenses and rights to show their programs via their Tmall TV service. Some of the programs that Chinese consumers are going to have offered to them include Teletubbies, Paddington Bear, Super WHY!, Johnny Test and Martha Speaks. In total, DHX Media has sold around 2500 hours of children’s programming to Alibaba, with most of these shows being around 30 minutes in length.

Alibaba has offered their Tmall video service as one of their newer lines of services to Chinese consumers. They are still working on getting together a large offering of programs for consumers to choose from. DHX Media has been trying to expand their audience for quite some time now, and this deal with Alibaba seemed to be the logical way to get their programming out to the rest of the world.

Learn more about Tmall video services here

The Senior VP of Distribution at DHX Media, Josh Scherba, stated:

“We are very happy to provide extensive kids and family content from our library for this new service in China. This deal underscores our position as a go-to distributor for on-demand services globally.”

When Programs will Be Made Available

It is unclear on just when Chinese consumers are going to find these programs available to them via Tmall video services. However, chances are Alibaba will push for the release of these titles as soon as possible, as they are known for their quickness and attention to detail.

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