Alibaba Branching into the Vehicle Finance Sector with Greenland Rundong Auto


Greenland Rundong Auto

It seems that Alibaba has their hands into just about every sector of the market these days, ranging from finance offers to the health market. Add into this that Alibaba is the leading e-commerce platform out there, it seems that everything this company touches is turning to gold. With this being said, the company has now started to develop an online to offline sales and financing service with the luxury car market. They are working with Greenland Rundong Auto of Shanghai, a BMW car dealer in China, and just so happen the company is one of the biggest in all of China.

According to Yang Peng, the chairman and President of Greenland Rundong:

“Greenland Rundong and Alibaba Automobile will build up an O2O automobile services ecosphere, with the Yangtze River Delta as its core location of business.”

What the Partnership Hopes to Accomplish

There are several aspects that both companies are hoping to accomplish with this new partnership. For Greenland, the hopes is that this is going to help with new customers finding the BMW dealer, as well as ensuring that the process of buying a BMW, and then having this serviced as it should be is stream lined. They are working with Alibaba in hopes of speeding up their technology, as well as reaching a wider audience.

For Alibaba, this is just one more step in the right direction to ensure that the company is one that is dominating the Chinese market as a whole. In addition, this is going to allow Alibaba to have a stronger hold in the finance sector, as those Chinese consumers who go through Alibaba and Greenland for their BMW purchase will find special finance offers given to them.

The Benefits for Greenland and Alibaba

Greenland will have a Tmall Flagship store that will have their numerous vehicle offerings. The company sells more than BMW, such as Land Rover, Audi, Ferrari, Lexus and Cadillac, as well as other luxury brands for Chinese shoppers. Alibaba is going to be bringing more publicity to the company. This is good news for Greenland who saw their revenue for the first half decrease by 3.3%.

It is believed that sales in luxury passenger vehicles are going to increase within the next year. For Greenland when Chinese consumers start to shop, they will have more exposure to the market with Alibaba. Alibaba has found that most people utilize the Internet before buying a product. Alibaba is simply taking out the middle step, and allowing people to buy what they need online and pick this up in store. It is a unique situation and if successful, Alibaba will sure to be partnering up with other companies in the near future.

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