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Alibaba EverythingChina’s ecommerce giant Alibaba has forged an agreement with Innovation Norway. This is the government’s most important instrument for innovation and development. In terms of this, the website becomes an internet sales conduit for Norwegian companies wishing to expand internationally. This further confirms that with Alibaba everything becomes possible.

Why Innovation Norway Focussed on Alibaba

The agency’s main thrust is supporting companies enhance innovation and grow competitive advantage. It offers the following services in this regard:

  • Assisting Start-Ups
  • Growth Companies and Clusters
  • Support for International Ambitions
  • Building an Economically Sustainable Nation

This development follows Alibaba’s invitation to twenty countries to attend its international conference. It embraces the internet giant’s vision that for Alibaba everything and internet go hand in hand.

With Alibaba Everything Hangs of Timing

The recent crackdown on large-scale stock transactions in China leaves Alibaba with loads of cash, an acquisitive drive and few internal takeovers on the cards. China has taken over from the U.S. as the world’s largest ecommerce market. It is poised to expand internationally on a hitherto unimaginable scale.

Alibaba currently dominates 80% of internet purchases in the second largest economy. Thus it is the largest department chain in the world not built of bricks and mortar. The Nordic Page quotes Innovation Norway’s director Knut Sørlie saying that he will coordinate a meeting between Alibaba and Norway companies agreeing that with Alibaba everything has international potential.

China Government Supports Alibaba

Reuters reports Premier Li Keqiang endorses moves by Alibaba and JD.Com to tap into international markets. He told the annual parliamentary meeting in Beijing this is part of “Internet Plus” to encourage online banking, cloud computing, and mobile internet.

Li Keqiang envisages more state investment so for Alibaba everything has started coming through internationally. Other Chinese internet finance operations likely to benefit include Tencent Holding Ltd, and Baidu Inc.

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