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Online shopping allows for businesses to reach a wider range of audiences, as the geographical limitations simply are not there in most cases. This seems to be the goal of Alibaba, who’s Daniel Zhang has announced will focus on expanding abroad throughout the year. According to the official website, Zhang stated:

“We will organize a global team and adopt global thinking to manage the business, and achieve the global of ‘global buy and global sell’.”

Of the incentives that will be used for Alibaba to push abroad, Zhang mentioned the AliExpress, which will be the sales platform used to help sell these products globally, and also mentioned Tmall Global that is meant to help foreign brands reach more of those Chinese consumers.

Zhang also commented on how they will succeed with this venture, which is through hiring in talent on an international level. The goal is to hire workers from all over in order to learn how to target that demographic. Zhang stated:

“We will have employees from all over the world that look difference from each other. We have to take the time to understand them…”

Alibaba has also taken steps in looking at the logistics aspect of online shopping by partnering with Shanghai YTO Express. Through their partnership, they hope to increase delivery time frames and then also look at international delivery time frames and logistics.

Other Methods for Alibaba to Expand

Aside from expanding to an international level, which is going to be great for Alibaba. The company is also stating that they are looking more at their mobile platform. Chinese consumers are using their mobiles to shop online more than ever, and this trend is only expected to increase as time goes on.

Alibaba is also set to look at selling ad services to companies who may be interested. As this is a form of income that other online shopping platforms have utilized, like Taobao and Tmall. For Alibaba to continue to dominate the market, it is clear they are going to have to make changes to keep up with the demands of online shoppers.


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