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Those in the British business world are going to find that in the near future, they may have new competition. This competition comes in the form of Alibaba.  Alibaba has announced that they are opening offices in London as a way to pushed deeper into Europe. They have stated that other offices will follow in the upcoming months. These offices are set to be in Germany and France.

However, the London office is now going to be the headquarters for the online shopping giant, bringing about some worries for businesses located in Britain. After all, Alibaba is highly successful in the Chinese market, and has pushed many businesses out of the market. Many worry that this could also happen to their business.

Should British Business Owners Worry?

The main aspect that everyone is questioning is whether they should be worried about Alibaba coming into the UK? The good news is that though Alibaba does have global ambitions to provide a seamless online shopping experience for everyone, they are all about helping local businesses reach their consumers online. Alibaba has stated, in regards to local offices being placed in the UK:

“[country offices]will serve local brands, retailers and government partners who seek to access the large and growing Chinese consumer class looking for high-quality international products and services.”

With this being said, it would be completely possible that British business owners could see an increase in their market, especially if they offer a product that Chinese consumers are going to be interested in owning. In addition, it could help many brick and mortar businesses to learn how to expand into the e-commerce world, as more and more people are buying products via online retailers.

Read more about Alibaba helping companies to enter onto the Chinese market here Should Be Worried

Alibaba is no stranger to overtaking over e-commerce shopping platforms on the market. In Britain, the biggest online retailer is However, with Alibaba entering into the market, it could mean that Amazon has no place to go. Though many British businesses are going to still allow their products to be sold on Amazon, many will find that Alibaba offers them a global opportunity that is not found with Amazon. For this reason, many businesses may choose to work exclusively with Alibaba.

Alibaba’s UK Channel is already bosting some great products for UK sellers, including British businesses. Is the future of online retail in jeopardy? Quite the opposite, in fact. Many companies who may have been on the threshold of failing in the British market may find that with Alibaba’s help, they can reach a new demographic that will be interested in their products. However, British businesses who do not get on board with e-commerce could easily find that Alibaba overruns their usefulness in the market.

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