Alibaba Helping Shandong Grow


Perhaps smarting under criticism of it using a single payment mechanism, Asian giant Alibaba is reaching out to east China’s coastal Shandong Province. It plans to help it develop a cloud-computing footprint and expand its agricultural trade. Without a doubt, the scenario of Alibaba helping Shandong implies something in return.

Alibaba to Grow Shandong Agriculture Sector

The plan agreed on 31 July 2015 envisages Alibaba helping Shandong ‘grow cross-border e-commerce, market farm produce and develop cloud computing’ according to a provincial government official. This is in line with the Communist Party’s keenness that Alibaba expand ecommerce trading throughout China, open more depots, and agree to market fresh produce online through its platform.

Alibaba Helping Shandong through One Touch

Affiliate One Touch will represent Alibaba in the project rollout. It has expertise in export and import services such as clearance, finance, foreign exchange, logistics and rebates. One Touch has a brick and mortar presence in Shandong already, and is looking forward to expanding its presence there. Wei Qiang, manager of Alibaba’s foreign trade services sees Alibaba helping Shandong boost its exports by 20% to 30%, if most local exporters use the One Touch service.

About Shandong Province

Shandong Province was the wellspring of Taoism, Chinese Buddhism and Confucianism, and saw the beginning of the Chinese civilisation develop along the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Its over 97 million people grow cotton, wheat, sorghum and Alibaba Helping Shandongmaize, and stand to benefit from further exploitation of their gold, diamond and petroleum reserves.

The province is also China’s largest industrial exporter, and one of the nation’s top manufacturers with its second most popular product being wine. With Alibaba helping Shandong develop further with assistance from One Touch’s raft of clearance, logistics, foreign exchange, rebates and finance services, the province could be on its way to seeing growth throughout its 17 prefectures, 140 counties, and 1,941 townships soon.

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