Alibaba Looks at Ways to Grow in China with Mobile Internet


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The mobile internet world is one that is continuing to grow. And true to their goal of being one of the companies who is right there in the lead with change is Alibaba. In fact, it is the growth with internet via mobiles that is going to help Alibaba continue to grow and expand on the Chinese market.

Mobile Internet and the Future of Ecommerce

It comes as no surprise that as the internet via a mobile grows, the ecommerce market is expected to grow with it. According to most researchers, by 2018, the ecommerce market will have grown by $1 trillion. This growth is going to be seen because of an increase of mobile options in areas that may have never had this option before. It is this expansion that Alibaba hopes to be in on when it happens.

The Facts

There are several facts that supports the decision as to why Alibaba is going to be benefitting greatly as mobile internet becomes closer and closer to becoming a reality. Consider these facts:

  • By 2018, it is expected that there will be 705 million smartphone users compared to 520 million in 2014
  • In 2014, around 85% of the Chinese country was penetrated with the internet
  • Alibaba has reported during this past quarter of 2015 that they saw 183% increase in their mobile platform
  • In rural areas of China, internet penetration is only at 19% currently but will grow

The Future for Alibaba

With mobile Internet, Alibaba, along with other ecommerce platforms, will see an increase in just how many people will have access to them. Thus, Alibaba is a stronger supporter of getting these options out there and available to the Chinese people. Through allowing even more rural areas of china to have access to the Internet at speeds that is going to allow them to actually use the Internet, e-commerce is going to see a huge boost in their sales.

For more information about sales via e-commerce in rural areas, click here

The end result is going to be that Alibaba will benefit. There is a reason why this platform is considered a business that dominates in the market. They understand the need of expanding and technology and push to make this happen for everyone.

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