Alibaba Makes Deal with USPS to Increase Delivery Speed



Despite the slowdown when it comes to e-commerce in China, Alibaba is not taking any breaks on moving forward with their idea of one day being a global force that dominates the e-commerce market. This news also comes amid the latest news stating that Alibaba was doom to fail in the future, something that Alibaba has already spoken on and has voiced their outrage at how the article puts Alibaba into a less than stellar light.

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The logistics part of Alibaba is Cainiao, and they are responsible for finding shipping options, negotiating new partnerships with shipping and receiving companies and the like. The latest news shows that Cainiao has reached a deal with the United States Postal Service that is going to offer new international shipping solutions. This is great news for cross border e-commerce, as many Chinese consumers are ordering skin care products, baby products, and even clothing from the United States via e-commerce solutions.

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The new deal between Cainiao and the United States Postal Service is meant to speed up the delivery process between the United States and customers utilizing AliExpress, the shopping platform that is offered by Alibaba. According to the vice president of Cainiao, Wan Lin:

“As cross-border e-commerce grows rapidly, it is critical that we evolve shipping services to the next level, with shorter delivery times and easier methods to track a shipment.”

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The new deal is a huge part of Alibaba’s overall goal, to become a global leader in e-commerce. The USPS has already brokered deals with other countries in an effort to speed up packages, and these deals have had substantial success. Through brokering this deal with Alibaba, Chinese consumers may find that their packages are delivered much sooner than they were a few months ago. Which in turn, is going to help Alibaba become a more reliable and dedicated service for online shopping.

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