Alibaba Sales Figures from Singles Day Breaks Records


Alibaba A

It has been called the Black Friday of China or the Cyber Monday of China, both of which terms are from the United States referring to their biggest shopping days in stores and online. However, Singles Day in China was much more than what anyone had expected it to become. In fact, Alibaba is getting some amazing results in from the one day of sales, with Tmall raking in a total of $14.32 billion in one day.

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This is amazing when compared to the United States, and what the country usually brings in for their biggest sales days. Cyber Monday is the closest in comparison to Singles Day, and last it brought in a little of $2 billion, which was a new record for them. However, with the new record that has been set by Singles Day, it seems puny to say the least.

The below graph showcases just how well Singles Day was for Alibaba:

Alibaba Singles Day Sales

Along with holding the breaking record for the total sales in one day, there were other records broke throughout the day of sales, including:

  • Alibaba broke the 1 billion yuan mark within 78 seconds of the sales day
  • It was just after noon in which Alibaba announced that it had broken its 2014 sales record

Just for comparison purposes: What Alibaba made during Singles Day is more than the GDP of Jamaica. This goes to prove why Alibaba is considered the king of ecommerce in China.

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