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Always attempting to stay ahead of the competition, Alibaba is changing their methods for their mobile Taobao version. They are adding what they have termed a “Micro Store’ will help sellers to provide selling information on their goods, update photos, and even assist shoppers all via their mobile. The current platform is not as easy to do these tasks with, and with the growing mobile shopping trends, it is easy to see why Alibaba is making such a change.

According to Zhang Kuo, the director of Alibaba’s business division:

“The growing adoption of smartphones and mobile shopping in China means that online merchants should shift their focus from PC to mobile.”

Along with allowing merchants to easier post their products via their mobile, the Micro Store is also allowing for these products to be mentioned via social media easier. For example, there will be a QR code for business cards that can be used on Weitao, Taobao Marketplaces social platform, and Weibo. Allowing, a merchant to easily market their product as well as appeal to mobile shoppers.

As the Micro Store develops, they hope to allow for location on the mobile storefront, which will connect consumers with merchants that are near them. This is an effort to encourage local spending with local merchants.

For consumers, the addition of the Micro Store is going to allow for online shopping, no matter where you are located, which is one of the methods of how Alibaba will remain the top ranked online shopping platform out there.  For merchants, Alibaba is making it easier than ever to use mobile platforms for promoting and selling goods, which was the idea with the growing trend in this market.

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