Alibaba Wants Online Sales Transferred to Offline Stores



Alibaba should be analyzing its distribution systems for its online sales carefully. Singles day 11/11 is around the corner. With another massive sale-day pending, the question now becomes ‘Will Ali’s systems cope?’ Zhang Kuo, senior director of the group’s mobile business division thinks he has the answer. He wants to extend the online retail fest to offline stores.


Muted Response to Alibaba Merging ‘Bricks with Clicks’

As an ex retailer myself, I can understand brick and mortar’s chilly responses to Zhang Kuo’s advances. When the big daddy of competition suddenly says ‘Hey little fella, let’s collaborate’ it can only hope to cuddle up to my retail client base. I take Baba’s proposal that offline stores ‘synchronize’ with online sales with more than a pinch of the China National Salt Industry Corporation’s pride and joy.

While on the subject of monopolistic practices, Alibaba is not exactly bowled over by a happy throng of applicants. About the only local nibbles are from Intime department store chain, appliance & gadget maker Haier, and electronics retailer Sunning. Jack Ma’s creeping corporation has stakes in all three of these. As Stephen Millward writes for TechInAsia, “Who said money doesn’t buy you friends?”

Market Quiet Among Global Retail Counterparts

About the only brick and mortar western interests accepting the invitation to the party are jewelry-mega Chow Tai Fook, make you lovely Estée Lauder, and Mars (not the chocolate bar, the Nevada-based retailer). The rest clearly see little point in expending effort when their take is likely to be relatively minimal, and a flash in the pan for a single day.

Is 11/11 2015 Jack Ma’s Trojan Horse?

After a futile siege of Troy lasting for 10 years, the Greeks presented the Trojans with a massive wooden horse filled with hidden soldiers before they faded away defeated. The delighted citizens dragged the pressie into their citadel. The soldiers hopped out. Troy fell. If I were still a retailer I wouldn’t want Alibaba fiddling around my digital either.

About Alibaba

Alibaba is considered to be one of the top performing Internet giants of China, and for good reason. Alibaba has transformed the online shopping industry, quickly becoming one of the biggest online entities in the world, not just China. Alibaba has aspirations of bringing their services to other areas of the globe, as well as ensuring that online shopping is going to allow a consumer to find everything they need. Hence, Alibaba investing into odd areas of online shopping and innovating the offerings they bring to the market. You can read more about Alibaba via, where all the latest information about Alibaba is reported on and analyzed.


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