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Communicating in Digital can be fragmented, hard-to-control and even get a bit dizzy because of the various dynamics in this fast-moving area. However, rushing to get on WeChat, Weibo and Livestream apps is not the effective way for brands to deal with these dynamics in China.

SMART says that: “being ON a certain social media as all other brands do is not equal to being SEEN/KNOWN by your targets, not to mention whether it leaves a positive impression on the consumers. It is all based on what you have DONE on it.”

Being lightweight and sharp are the effective communication strategies to cut through. Even just on one app, it can make a different. Like Yoli English that we mentioned in last post, a company who leveraged the natural features of WeChat and made a fortune from that. However, besides using the technical support to achieve lightweight approach, some slight changes in the communication content and tones can also generate the same appealing result. The last campaign from Alitrip during the Mid- Autumn Festival can be a good example to unfold this mystery.

By using nine animated GIF posters with interesting content, Aliptrip (run by Alibaba) successfully draw enormous traffic to its site during the festival holiday. Let’s go through a couple of these posters together.

Be brave to make changes and go travel

Neil Armstrong said: "One small step for traveling, one giant leap for your life."

Neil Armstrong said: “One small step for traveling, one giant leap for your life.”

By rephrasing Neil Armstrong’s quotation: ‘one small step for traveling, one giant leap for your life.’ Alitrip encouraged the young modern Chinese workers to learn to relax and enjoy their life.  At the bottom of the poster, there is a mock-up quotation from Neil Armstrong, who was a travel expert in this poster. He ‘said’ that the excitement of traveling is similar to the lucky-draw feature on Alitrip. You never know what will come next, and how much money will you get through the lucky draw. The highest prize money is 888 RMB!

Start your long-distant trip right now

Chang'e said: "Don't limit your life by your work."

Chang’e said: “Don’t limit your life by your work.”

Chang’e, the goddess of the moon in Chinese legend, who swallowed the elixir stolen from her husband and flew to the moon alone, acted as a copywriter at here. On the top of the poster, it said that as a copywriter, you have written tons of words that the length of them might as long as the equator, however, the steps that you have taken is very limited.

A mock-up quotation from Chang’e suggested that just one train ticket can help you to achieve the dream of having a perfect long-distant trip. Alitrip offers thousands of train tickets with great discounts to help you start your journey right away.

Feel free to take a break

The Moon Lord suggested: "If the person you rang is busy, take that chance to have a break."

The Moon Lord suggested: “If the person you rang is busy, take that chance to have a break.”

The Moon Lord, a God who unites individuals in marriage in Chinese legend, played a role as a busy sale person in this poster. As an ambitious sale man, he needs to call lots of people. However, the poster quoted the Moon Lord’s words to encourage young urban workers to take a break when it is a festival time. At the bottom of the poster, the Moon Lord ‘said’ that though I work like a workaholic, I also treasure the time that I can share with my family. With the help of Alitrip, I can save the time that I spend on planning my vacation and enjoy the excellent Mid-autumn holiday with my family.

Why is it proving popular?

Three sharp weapons help the campaign go viral with only nine posters.

  • Right poster format enriched the content: the application of the animated GIFs offered consumers a fruitful and visualized experiences. Though there are only nine posters in total, viewers already gain rich information from the movements.
  • Well-designed content connected with the consumers: although the posters seem to keep telling legends or histories that relevant to the moon, at first sight, it actually talked about the human beings’ stories by the role-play design. Consumers feel being connected in a funny and entertaining way.
  • In-depth consumer insight guaranteed the success: However, if Alitrip just applied the ‘tactics’ above, it would not be able to make such an impressive result. Consumers like it because they can find themselves within the stories.

One viewer commented underneath the Chang’e poster that

‘Love it! It is exactly the situation where I am right now, and I’m going to change it.’

Another one commented on the Moon Lord posterscreen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-07-58-pm:

“Totally agree! I’m spending too many efforts on my ambitious goals and almost forget to enjoy the beautiful life with my family.”

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