How Alibaba’s Ant Financial connects with personal stories? – New Campaign


Good storytelling is essential for a brand to connect with consumers and nourish a consumer relationship with loyalty. Telling a brand story by using ordinary people’s stories and speaking in a human’s voice is one of the best ways to deliver ‘we are caring about you’ message to the brand’s consumers.

The international brand, Airbnb leverages story telling. They have an entire page labeled on its website. While in China, the latest campaign from Ant Financial (Alibaba affiliate that runs Alipay) also applied the same personal story approach.  Let’s have a look at their campaign.

Sesame Credit helps you chase your dream

160906_Ant Financial Storytelling 1

A 22 years old female worker, Chen Ziyi: Though I just started my career, I don’t want to live in a shared flat. (With the help of Ant financial) I can rent a whole flat for myself. It might be small but sweet, and I got my own space.

The description under the image: Sesame Credit (a credit ranking system, one of the financial applications run by Ant Financial) cooperates with a group of rental apartments, supporting young workers to find a home in big cities.

Online loans support start-ups to have their own companies

160906_Ant Financial Storytelling 2

A 25 years old Taobao shop owner, Fan Yongjie: I finished my Bachelor degree by selling berries. Now, I got a loan from Ant financial to be able to open a Taobao store. I’m going to sell these berries  to the whole country.

The description under the image: Ant Financial have helped 1.7 million start-ups to get loans to support them to start their own companies.

Alipay Charity allows us to protect our planet together

160906_Ant Financial Storytelling 3

A 29 years old golden monkey protector, Liao Jinghong: Though usually I am protecting these monkeys alone in this mountain, I know there are more than 200 thousand people around the country who are supporting me.

The description under the image: Through the e-charity on Alipay, more than 200 thousand people in China have participated in the ‘protect golden monkey’ program, though most of them haven’t been to the mountains before.

Alipay enables everyone to have the same purchasing experience

160906_Ant Financial Storytelling 4

25 years old blind massagist, Zhang Haibin: I found my life became easier than it used to be, and I don’t need to bother others anymore. I feel I am as normal as other people.

The description under the image:  Alipay supports 13 million users to enjoy barrier-free services. The voice feature can ‘talk’ the price and make the purchasing process eaiser than before.

So how to tell a brand story?

Ant Financial told its story by showcasing how it helps improve the ordinary people’s live and spoke it out loud via a human voice. If a brand tells a story from a human perspective, it is more likely to create lasting engagement.  We are noticing this is becoming more relevant for China.  Somewhat surprisingly, local brands are showing the way currently.

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