Alibaba’s First Venture into the Online Medical Market: Sperm Donation


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Alibaba has been getting into the medical market with their online shopping platforms, and have seemed to have some success with this. Their latest shopping outlet via Taobao is turning out to be a huge hit. The newest store via Taobao is offering Chinese men the chance to sell their sperm, paying around $500 to $700 for each donor that is accepted. In addition, the online site is offering paternity tests and testing the fertility of sperm.

There are seven sperm banks that are nationwide, and since the offer to collect sperm has been made, there have been around 22,000 men who have signed up to donate. This all happened within 72 hours of the offer being made. Though these sperm banks are throughout the nation, around 69% of these men are from the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou area. The offer was made by Taobao and KingMed Diagnostics. During this same offer, the site saw an astounding 13 order for paternity tests, along with 4,060 sperm fertility tests.

Why the Demand?

What has many people questioning is whether or not this type of service was in high demand? Sperm donation centers throughout China were running low on donated sperm. It was with the help of Alibaba and their third party partner KingMed Diagnostics, that they were able to fill this shortage in a short amount of time. The shortage does prove that there was a need for sperm donations throughout China. But why?

There are many couples throughout China who are struggling with conception. Alibaba saw this need and then took it a step further, by providing the ability to buy sperm testing kits online, which would be delivered to the person as soon as possible. The person simply had to do the instructions that were provided in the kit, return this, and then receive a response within 10 days. This took away some of the embarrassment that is often accompanied with having to go into a health clinic to get these procedures completed.

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Shining the Light on Alibaba

The idea of signing up via an online site for sperm donation, testing sperm, and other fertility testing is a huge idea for Alibaba that is going to pay off. This is a very private affair, and one that most people are not completely comfortable with. However, if there is an option to obtain these types of services via Taobao, there is no reason why people won’t take advantage.

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As one of the first ways in which Alibaba is getting their name onto the medical market, Alibaba has saw a resounding success with their sperm bank donation offer. They are enabling couples throughout China to have the chance at a family, a priceless deed.

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