Alibaba’s Tmall Global Meant To Attract Global Brands Unable To Open Flagships On Tmall


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Last February, Tmall launched Tmall Global, a bridge between foreign merchants and Chinese consumers. All the purchased goods will have to enter China via Chinese customs and arrive within 14 days with trackable number. Tmall Global not only helps local audiences access 100% authentic products but assists foreign companies without having official presence in China a strong cross border ecommerce platform.

Costco Wholesale Corporation, an American membership-only warehouse club providing a wide selection of merchandise, launched their Tmall Global flagship last October. Unlike to the standard Costco policy (products only sell to members), Costco’s Tmall Global now opens its gate to the public.This breaks down the limitation of products only sold to Costco members.

How To Connect Social And Ecommerce

More and more evidence shows that China’s ecommerce is still promising especially in forecast China 2015 mcommerce will reach $333.99 billion. Many brands and news media are now already starting to speculate how much Single’s Day this year will end up selling especially when last Single’s Day Tmall’s sales reached more than 3 times than Black Friday.

“Due to the popularity of China’s social media and how common ecommerce has become in China, more than 38% of local social users are willing to shop online. This trend also inspires brand like Michael Kors and Coach opening their VIP/CRM service on WeChat.”

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