Amazon Attempts Black Friday Online Shopping in China



Online shopping is a huge market, and it seems that Amazon is hoping to make this even bigger in China. Amazon is attempting to have Black Friday in China. For many, this may not be that big of a surprise. However, given that Black Friday is a predominantly US version of the Singles Day in China, many are begging to question whether this is a smart move on behalf of Amazon or not.

What makes this decision one that many people question more is that they started their Black Friday shopping just one week after Singles Day. However, it is an online shopping move that is opening up a new market to Chinese consumers. This is going to be the first time that Chinese consumers can utilize their accounts to access and purchase Amazon’s products from its United States website.

The Online Shopping Benefits for Amazon Shoppers

For those who do decide to take advantage of the numerous sales they are going to see with this Black Friday shopping event by Amazon, they are going to find there are going to be some huge discounts on products that are available.  These discounts are not being told as to how much they are, only that they are substantial discounts. In addition, companies who are offering products via Amazon have cut down their shipping times to China. Products are now being delivered within six to eight working days, faster than what many US residents are receiving from Amazon. In addition, delivery fees via these sellers have been lowered by 50% in order to boost their sales.

Amazon Follows the Example of Alibaba and JD

It is not secret that when it comes to success in the online shopping sector that Alibaba and are two of the leading platforms out there. And it seems that Amazon has been following their example. Amazon has set up their own mini-stores devoted to electronics, something similar to what Alibaba and have succeeded in doing. This is to help Chinese consumer who may be more familiar with Alibaba or to feel comfortable with Amazon.

Only time will tell whether this was a smart move for Amazon, and whether Amazon will become a main competitor for Alibaba and

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