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Amazon China is making news recently with their partnership with Fujian Free Trade Zone. The Fuijan Free Trade Zone is partnering with Amazon China marketplace, so certain products, over 5,000 available, to those of China. The special aspect of these products is that they are from Taiwan.

Products Offered 

As of right now, the company is offering a select number of products on the online marketplace. These products include numerous types of electronic products, masks and pineapple cakes. They are offering Chinese consumers the ability to have these products within two to three days once they have paid online.

Why Fujian Free Trade Zone? 

One question that is coming to the minds of those who read this news is why did Amazon China decide to choose this area for opening up their online platform? There are several reasons, but mainly due to the location advantage that Xiamen can offer, since it is a good distance from Taiwan. Plus, many consider Xiamen to be one of the best ports that companies can utilize. In addition, now it is easier than ever for US goods to make it through customs in the area, ensuring that the online platform can adhere to any promises they make.

The Fujian Free Trade Zone has four areas within Xiamen. These areas include the Xiangyu Bonded Area, the Haicang ponded port area, Xianguy bonded Logistics Park and the airport area. All of which is going to make it easier than ever for Amazon China to get products into the country and to build up their online platform.

Amazon China launched their overseas shopping platform in November 2014. Since then they have reached a value of 1.7 million. This is sure to increase with their new partnerships with Fujian Free Trade Zone.

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