An In-Depth Look into Alibaba


An in-depth look into Alibaba begins with the story of founder Jack Ma, now chairperson, renowned philanthropist and the stuff of legends. He emerges as a peasant child in the early 1970’s who escorted English-speaking tourists around his city for free, to learn the language. Now he is the 18th richest person in the world, and counting.

An In-Depth Look into Alibaba – Alibaba Defined

The Alibaba ecommerce brainchild was among the first of Jack’s online shopping visions. It continues to inspire with his rare blend of homespun down-to-earthiness and commercial brilliance. Everything small business needs to connect directly to the soul of China is available at the click of a button. It is a veritable open sesame opening the door to Aladdin’s cave and a thousand and one nights of shopping pleasure.

Alibaba was born in China for Chinese citizens of all sorts, sizes and degrees of wealth. It has democratised access to the rewards An In-Depth Look into Alibabaof hard work through ecommerce like nothing has ever done before. Everybody seems to use Alibaba and it has an 80% stranglehold on the local market. Now Jack Ma  has his sights set on international potential. He regards this as “an opportunity not only for China, it is an opportunity for the world,” he says

Suppliers to Alibaba’s vast online shopping mall likewise come from all walks of life. They comprise an eclectic mix from mama and papa basket weavers to America’s most sophisticate firms such as L’Oreal and Apple. All are keen to tap into the treasure cave of ecommerce opportunities that Jack Ma’s vision brought to their front door.

The New World of Alibaba.Com

Jack Ma created the netizen generation at the click of a billion buttons. He took commerce to a more responsible level where the need for unsustainable brick-and-mortar retail starts to fade. Now Alibaba is crumbling barriers to international commerce at a rate previously unimaginable. An in-depth look into Alibaba must conclude the portal has made as great an impact as when Columbus landed in America. and launched his version of a new world.

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