Apple Music May Not Take Off in China


Apple has just announced the release of their new streaming music platform in the Western part of the world, but what many people are interested in is if this new technology is going to be accepted in China. China already has several streaming music apps and programs, and those who are in China are accustomed to getting their streaming music for free.

More than 478 million people in China listen to music online

Due to these numbers, Apple is hoping to see a huge increase in their streaming music app. But, the truth is, Apple may not do that well in this market. The truth is that Apple has seen some dramatic sells in China. So much so, they have passed up Xiaomi, the country’s top smartphone maker. However, many professionals are stating the new streaming music app by Apple is not going to be utilized. Yes, those who have an Apple phone may be interested. But, truth is with all the other music options out there, most people already have a favorite station they utilize.

China users paid $91 million last year for digital music

This may seem like a huge figure, but the truth is this is nothing compared to how much the US users paid. Last year, it was estimated US listeners paid $3.5 billion. Going to show, that streaming digital music is a larger market within the US.

Apple Music may be revolutionizing music in the United States, but chances are Chinese users are not going to be super impressed. In addition, Apple Music will have many competitors such as QQ Music offered by Tencent, which is highly popular among Chinese users.

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