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Apple, a prominent United States phone and electronics manufacturer, has finally seen some success in the Chinese market. For the first time ever, Apple is reporting sales that are higher in China than they are in the United States, a huge goal for the company.  In addition to outselling the United States, the sales in China were larger than sales in Europe for the first time as well.

Apple has not released their exact numbers yet from their quarterly sales, but many professionals are stating the company has seen sales rise in the Greater China area by around 71% compared to the same quarter of last year.  Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook stated:

“We’re really proud of the results there and continue to invest in the country.”

So what did Apple do to ensure they had success in the market? They started with a great plan. Apple had a deal with China Mobile in 2013 to start selling the Apple iPhone’s to the consumer market. They also expanded to open up 21 retail stores in the area, and are continuing to open more stores, as they gain more exposure in the market. The company also has changed the iPhone to have a bigger screen, which is something that Chinese consumers love, making it a phone they feel is a must have.

A Jackdaw Research technology analyst, Jan Dawson stated:

“…Apple continues to be the only major US tech company that is really succeeding in China…”

Apple is seeing dropping tablet sales in China and in other countries, but this is to be expected as these devices are not upgraded as much. However, with the quarterly earnings for Apple in China, we are likely to see more offerings in the market and see the company expand within China in the next few years.

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