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The value of social media in China is very high. So much so, that even the most popular CEO’s of businesses are utilizing social media sites in order to stay connected to their consumer market. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has opened a Weibo account.  For many this is just another move by Apple showing they are dedicated to success within the Chinese market.

Weibo is still considered to be one of the most popular social media sites that China has to offer.

Weibo has around 200 million active users

This is opening up the consumer market for Apple drastically. Weibo works very similar to the social media site Twitter.  The social media platform just recently started allowing English speaking users to sign up. However, most of the information after the sign up process is still in Chinese.

Cook’s first post to Weibo was about his latest visit to Beijing and announcing about the environmental incentives that are planned in China in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Cook’s account on Weibo has been verified.

Cook had 320,000 followers in just a few hours

One aspect that Cook is utilizing is posting his message in both English and Chinese to reach a greater audience. Allowing everyone to stay in touch with what the Apple CEO is up to. The one post he made, was liked over 50,000 times and had over 30,000 comments posted to it.

The power of Weibo has no limits for a business who utilizes this appropriately, as can be seen with how Cook has managed to put the name of Apple out there into the consumer market.

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