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Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated than ever. And Audi is taking this to the next level in China with partnering with Baidu. The goal is for Audi to be able to offer more car-connected services throughout the country. There is a high demand for cars that have driver technology and driver assistance systems, which have to be developed and then transplanted into these cars.

Audi and Baidu will develop mobile technologies to make point of interest functions

In addition to the functions the companies will be working on, they are going to look at meeting the demands that the consumers are wanting in China, one of the largest auto markets in the world.

The Current Trend

The current trend of cars to be using Internet enabled devices and platforms is very popular in the United States. Apple and Google have succeeded in making huge gains in this market. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler stated:

“We are now taking our next big step in China.”

People want cars that are going to allow them to sync their smartphones to these phones, allow to browse the internet with ease, and even be the center for WiFi. They want instant connection to their social media options.  The reality of today is that we are able to get those cars that we once thought were futuristic.

The Deal between Audi and Baidu

The two companies signed their agreement memorandum in January. The contract will be talked about heavily at the Consumer Electronic Shows in Shanghai that is taking place. It is a move that is sure to help Audi make it in the Chinese market, where their cars were considered fine, but lacked that extra something that made them popular.

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