Audrey Hepburn, Li YuChun: How Givenchy connects with China’s Netizens.


What’s the best way to attract attention on a mass scale? Become a cultural icon. From Audrey Hepburn’s iconic “little black dress” worn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where the designer crafted a style that came to symbolize fashion and culture in its time, to its modern designs challenging and expanding the boundaries of fashion.


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In China, Givenchy chose a similar strategy, aligning the brand with singer Li YuChun. Not one to conform to traditional standards of female beauty, Li Yu Chen rose to fame after competing and winning a singing competition “Supergirls” where she simply wore loose jeans and a black button down shirt. Her androgynous look and aggressive voice, a radical departure from the stereotype of traditional female singers, captivated Chinese audiences and transformed her from mere celebrity, into a symbol of the times: new, uncompromising, authentic.

Li YuChun, a Chinese super star, has 3,655,454 Weibo followers.

Li YuChen has 3.6 million followers in China with recent engagement numbers at 128k retweets, 215k comments, and 120k likes. The star’s average engagement per post is a massive 20k+. Lu YuChun became the official brand ambassador for Givenchy earlier this year.

In 2013, Givenchy sponsored all of Li YuChun’s concert tour outfits.

Beyond excellent, shareable content, key opinion leaders like Li YuChun have proven to be the best way to reach massive audiences in China. Givenchy expanded their use of KOLs from Li YuChun to working with other celebrities and digital influencers as well. Recent collaborations include super model Liu Wen  and former boy band singer Kris Wu.

Givenchy works with gossip blogger 娱乐圈外汉 (right) and fashion KOL Peter Xu (left) to further amplify the brand’s collaboration with Li YuChun across China social media.

Resonance’s recently released Givenchy Digital Report covers the full breadth of the brand’s key opinion leader collaborations and intimate detail on how the brand connects with China’s netizens. From Weibo, to WeChat, to mobile ecommerce, Givenchy seems to not only break and recreate the rules of fashion, but to also push the boundaries of luxury brands on china social media.

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