“Baidu Pay” launches kickass new digital campaign


As Chinese consumers show growing enthusiasm for e-wallets, Baidu revamps their “Baidu Pay” with a new digital poster campaign.   They invited Kung Fu Panda as their ‘ambassador’  to encourage consumers to use Baidu Wallet to pay for movie tickets on their phones.

To build awareness and usage amongst local netizens, Baidu Pay ‘invited’ Kung Fu Panda, Po, to parody famous film scenes.  This an interesting engagement with local the internet culture of egao – that mixes and mashes together different popular culture to create a new effect.

In Baidu Wallet’s animated poster campaign – Po intrudes on famous movie scenes that are painted as in the same style as famous oil paintings of  Van Gough.  The campaign used animated GIFs to tell their version of famous film scenes through a HTML5 site – with famous characters being kung-fu-ed by Po as he shouts for consumers rights to “enjoy cheaper tickets”.

For us, this is a smart move for Baidu.  The creative use of Kung Fu Panda in the style of local internet imagery and culture – gave the brand (a boring browser) a new sense of fun and consumer focus, by placing the product in the context of enabling experience, rather than a passive technological tool.  This type of bravery is needed if Baidu is to gain share in an e-wallet market increasingly dominated by Alipay and WeChat.

Here are the examples of film history according to Baidu

For example, Kung Fu Panda Po, crashes the romantic scene of Jack and Rose in Titanic, pushing them off the front of the ship, and shouting “My heart will go on .. but the ticket price will go down!”. In another scene, Po kicks away Andy Lau and Tony Leung in Hong Kong Infernal Affairs (the film that inspired The Departed) and parodies the line  “Sorry, I’m a policeman”, changing to “Sorry, I am here to lower movie ticket prices”. 

Baidu wallet_1Baidu wallet_2












More examples relate to themes of popular Chinese films such as Chinese Odyssey and Han Han’s The Continent.  Like Baidu Pay, Po, is keen to create a disturbance – look out Alipay and WeChat Wallet, you might get ‘kung-fu-ed’ by Baidu Pay, if they keep up this level of creativity.

Baidu wallet_3Baidu wallet_4











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