‘Better For It’: Nike’s Push to Empower in a Fledgling Chinese Fitness Market


Strolling through a Shanghai park on any morning of the week, you’re more likely to stumble across a tai chi practise than would-be marathon runners in training. While these scenes of quintessential Shanghai living are one of the many reasons to love the city, the continuing presence of traditional well-being practise is running parallel with the growth of a more athletic approach to personal fitness in China.

Image: Wilson Hui

Tai Chi in People’s Park (Image: Wilson Hui)

An increase in disposable income, particularly among the younger generation, has sparked a rise in China’s personal fitness industry, with gyms and health clubs springing up in rapidly developing cities and bringing with them exercise trends from the West.

Nike’s ‘Better For It Campaign’ Encourages Women to Reach Fitness Goals

Nike is just one brand taking advantage of this fledgling industry. With their ‘Better for It’ campaign, they use Chinese social media platforms to encourage the achievement of personal fitness goals, particularly among women. Their message is one of self-belief, encouraging women to take up 30-day challenges in new fitness activities.

Their campaign features the famous actress Wang Luodan, who attempts to learn to jazz dance in the space of thirty days and posts on her Weibo account about the process of overcoming her own personal frustrations over the course of the challenge. That women can follow Wang while facing hurdles in their own personal fitness journeys opens up an empowering space in which women can motivate each other to becoming everyday athletes.

Nike partners with celebrity Wang Luodan to create a localized fitness campaign. For more information check out Resonance China's Social Branding Reports

Nike partners with celebrity Wang Luodan to create a localized fitness campaign. For more information check out Resonance China’s Social Branding Reports

With brands like Nike harnessing Chinese social media platforms as a space in which to empower fellow burgeoning fitness fans, the parks of China are soon set to be brimming with budding athletes and tai chi veterans alike.

For more information on brands like Nike on Chinese digital space, check out Resonance China’s China Social Branding Reports.

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