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Garry Scattergood just made a remarkable post on PR Week. Brand content is still struggling for a hearing on Southeast Asia social media and the situation is similar in China. According to Edelman – one of the largest PR firms anywhere – brands need to be disloyal when it comes to choosing service-providers too.

Constant Shifts in Channels

According to Edelman Digital Asia president Gavin Coombes, the fabric of the social media is constantly evolving as new users come on board. “However, at the same time, the rate of engagement with brands has continued to remain low, presenting a major opportunity for marketers.”

He makes an interesting point. Why are consumers and marketers failing to connect socially? Is being an unwelcome guest at the party a good or a bad thing for business? Every time we ignore an advertisement we must the cementing some or other pattern in our brains.

Ongoing Proliferation of Channels

brandsThe social media continue to be a honeypot for marketers. This in turn is causing a proliferation of platforms hoping to make a fortune by setting up a server and attracting big brands.

As social media member growth begins to slow these are going around in ever decreasing circles. Take China for example, where the only Top 5 Platform in 2010 still surviving is Renren.

Brands Need to Follow Media Trends

When the party gets crowded the cool kids move on. Mobile engagement with video in China has doubled in the past four years and this must have been at some cost to other media.

According to Edelman, brands should not be too hasty to switch channels without considering the overall context first. They should be mindful of the generation gaps between platforms. They should also draw inspiration from discovering how Australia is far more successful when it comes to engagement between social media users and brands.

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