Buick creates Xmen H5 game in China


Recently auto brand Buick launched an Xmen H5 app timed to capture local excitement about the latest instalment of the franchise. We take look below.

Deep down in every adventure seekers’ heart, there seeded a dream of being a superhero to fight the evils and save the world, probably just like in action films such as the X-men. And now, Buick offers locals the chance to be your ‘own super hero’ on your phone – through their Xmen H5 campaign.

160607_Buick WeChat 1

Collaborated with Gewara, Buick launched an HTML 5 game in WeChat to promote its Verano model. The background was set in a Marvel charactered world which has fallen victim to super villains. In the game, you are tasked with helping the X-men to save the hostages kidnaped by the bad guys.

In order to do so, you had to create the correct route for Buick cars scattered around the city to escape to the designated safe house without crashing them. A piece of cake, right?160607_Buick WeChat 2

As you move through the stages,  the number of cars would increase accordingly, first with two and then three and four .. The roads stretch and cross-over to create a challenging maze which you must fight your way out of.

By the time, users get to the third stage, they are struggling to ‘pull off’ the superhero task, so need to send help by sending and sharing information with other players within the app.
160607_Buick WeChat 3

What we think of the campaign

  •  Leveraging the hotspot of latest X-men series Apocalypse. It was strategic engagement for Buick to connect with the massive fandom of the franchise in China, now in its ninth film.
  • Targeting consumers an adventurous streak  If there is something shared in common by X-men and Buick Verano, it is the spirit of adventure and boldness – creating a thematic link between the new model and the idea of adventure and experience.

But, the game was too much of the focus, not the new Buick model 

  • However, I don’t think it is the best practice in terms of the game itself. The WeChat game is designed to impress consumers with the Buick Verano, but when consumers are getting too obsessed with planning the routes, they appear to be more interested in the game rather than the product Buick presents.The fun and interactive way of communication with consumers is important, but for brands, it is also important not to put the cart before the horse.

For more on how brands are connecting with movies in China – see our CSBR report on Movie Marketing in China.

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