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As many brands find themselves over-exposed in terms of brick-and-mortar stores, the need to create a strong online/e-commerce has become imperative to success in China.

As part of the competitor benchmarking and category analysis we regularly do for clients at SMART@Resonance, we often provide best practice examples.   In the luxury category, Burberry was one of the first international brands to engage the digital opportunity in China, being one of the first brands to use the phone app WeChat at the brand level. Another key pillar of the British brand’s strategy in China has been their e-commerce B2C extension.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 21.22.10

Screenshot of Burberry’s Tmall Store in China

Partnering with Tmall, they have made a conscious effort to make the retail experience of the brand consistent across both physical and digital platforms.  A key consideration in a market, where the first experience of an international brand is more likely, than elsewhere, to be online.

Below, the SMART@Resonance team takes you through the key aspects of Burberry’s Tmall Store

What makes Burberry’s Tmall page different and helps them keep up with the Jones, is the sense of high-end with special features despite Tmall’s reputation of cheapness and lack of other luxury brands.

Here are some special features Burberry uses to stand out :

1.Relates Sales to Chinese Specific Holidays

Children's Day Sale

Sales on Children’s day

Relates Sales to Burberry has not only made their products available online in a catalog format but have also included Chinese specific sales such one for the Chinese holiday, “Children’s Day”.  The Chinese are all about online sales during the holidays, and Burberry has increased their online presence by being available online during these Chinese holidays.

2. Gift Section to help consumers

Gift Section

Gifts Section

Burberry has created a specific gift pages for women, men, and children, where you can purchase products that are in more of the gift category. This makes it easier for consumers who want to buy gifts because Burberry already gives them options so they don’t have to sift through the entire website.

3. Tmall Specific Online Sales and Discounts

Online Sales and DiscountsOne of the reasons why Chinese consumers buy items online is because they tend to cost less for the same quality value, and Burberry has followed suit by including online sales and discounts that attract Tmall shoppers.

4. Trench Coat Heritage

Capture d’écran (202)

The Trench Coat Heritage page shows not only the product, but also the spirit of the Trench Coat itself. There are different buttons: one is the explanation of the product’s spirit through the fabric used and the process to make it. The second and third ones are Trenches ready to be bought for either men or women. The last one shows pictures of actual stylish Chinese people wearing it in their everyday life, with fashion models and former fashion events videos.

5. Brand’s History


Tmall’s Burberry website introduces the Brand universe to Chinese consumers through the explanation of what Britishness is: “It means culture, art and a real sense of heritage, and Burberry represents this notion of Britishness for me,” said one Chinese fashion designer.

So, as luxury becomes overexposed through brick-and-mortar – brands need to create a genuine retail experience through digital channels – your Chinese consumers will love you for it


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