C&A Emojis Campaign- ‘Create Smiles’


In a bad mood or feeling unhappy? Well global fashion retailer C&A has partnered up with the SMILEY brand to create personalized emojis to promote a whole new kind of happiness in the digital world.160524_C&A Emoji campaign 1“Go Away. Bad Mood” is the theme of C&A and SMILEY’s digital marketing campaign to promote happiness as well as individuality. For one week, C&A and SMILEY will give their WeChat users access to a feature where they can create emojis with their real face on them.160524_C&A Emoji campaign 2WeChat users can take pictures of themselves smiling or making different emotions and upload them to C&A’s H5 page to create personalized emojis of their face or their friends to share with their friends and family.
Using these personalized emojis not only brings enjoyment and smiles to the WeChat users but also gives them a chance to win limited edition SMILEY gifts and C&A vouchers.160524_C&A Emoji campaign 3Individuality is the key to C&A and SMILEY’s digital marketing campaign and ‘real’ emojis are the way to make users feel like the brand embraces personalization and wants them to express themselves. Whether the motivation is to share with friends, promote the brand, or win prizes, this innovative and fun feature is sure to create some smiles.

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Leah is a researcher on the SMART@Resonance team. She originally hails from Centerville, Indiana, and as an avid foodie, Guangzhou naturally is the Chinese city she enjoys exploring the most.

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