China’s New Live Show App Inke – Lets Netizens be themselves


New mobile app Yingke(映客) has launched a new campaign to encourage Chinese netizens to ‘be themselves’.  The mobile-based app allows locals to create their own ‘live shows’ and share them with others.

Anyone can create a live show with Inke!

Yingke has gained popularity, as new internet celebrities have used the app to catapult themselves to fame using the platform.  Users of the app, can create their own live show and invite other friends, who are users of the app, to join in the fun.  The app gives ‘normal people’ the chance to create live shows without being a celebrity – a star amongst their own peer group.

Now that the app has traction – 25 million active users – the brand has now gone with a creative approach to challenge consumers to create their own shows.  Inke faces a number of local “live show app” competitors, the largest being PandaTV.

The theme of the campaign is based on the idea of ‘not really fitting in’ to conventional situations, but once on Yingke you become the ‘star of your own show’.   The campaign, broadcast online, TV,  and on subway media, pokes fun at some of China’s recent mass obsessions – including internet celebrity, fitness, basketball, and group singing.

So let’s have a look at the campaign – posters and video/TVC


“You might not be an internet “red” celebrity, but on Inke you are definitely you!”


“You may not be able to sing, but on Inke you are definitely you!”


“You might not have self-discipline, but on Inke you are definitely you!”


“You might not be brave, but on Inke you are definitely you!”



“You might not win, but on Inke you are definitely you!’

A sharp and relevant campaign for new app

Yingke positions the brand nicely, it is new technology but not a slave to all trends.  It is instead the brand that puts local users in the spotlight , allowing them to be themselves.  Watch the video below.

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