Chinese Company Anker Makes it Big on Amazon


When Anker founder So Yang came to America to study for his Master’s at Uni Texas, he had no idea he would be exporting technology from China to America so soon. He  realised if you can sell something that everybody needs around the globe, it becomes possible to employ 100 engineers within 4 years on tiny profit margins.

How Amazon Became the Backbone of So Yang Success

When he returned to China So Yang concluded the best place to start was compact technology. His first choice was mobile chargers because they appeal to the mass market, and are cheap and easy to ship. This logically lead him to appointing Amazon as his storefront, and launching his portable phone chargers under the Ocean Wing e-Commerce Company’s Anker brand.

So How Well is So Yang Doing Now

While So Yang looked so young when “Into Tomorrow” interviewed him in January 2014, Internet Retailer Ankerreports the rising star has his head firmly screwed onto his broad shoulders. He manufactures in China where labour is cheaper, and the world’s largest population provides him with brand base load.

Booking $100 million orders in 2014 (that’s a million per engineer!) is impressive. Becoming Amazon #1 best seller for portable chargers is proof of diligence. So Yang puts himself into every aspect of his business. Product quality is at the heart of everything, with business acumen tying for first place.

Anker’s Amazon Feedback Score Steady at 4.9 / 5.0

The Chinese tech whizz-kid sources engineers from leading international hardware companies, including Huawei, Siemens and JBL, and sources components from market leaders like Panasonic. He developed his own app to process customer reviews and pricing trends on Amazon.

“That data helps our product managers to know where the problem is in some products,” he says, “and to forecast which Anker product will be in the greatest demand in the future.” He clearly has only one future for himself, and that is up. Move over competition.

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