Why are Chinese getting ‘touchy-feelly’ with their furniture :-0


Founded in 1986, Red Star Macalline, a Chinese home furnishing and service brand and the largest national furniture retail chain in China.

Recently, it launched its’ online campaign for its’ 30 years’ annual celebration. In general, an anniversary usually acts as a big shopping festival for both the brand and its customers. However, as to furniture, which is not FMCG, people not change them frequently.

How to motivate consumers to make the move and renew their home furnishing? With a series eye-catching H5 pages and communicating in a highly personalised, post-90’s tone, Macalline smartly created a substantial online buzz via this campaign. How can this event become so impressive? Read on.


Using the intimate relationship between couples as a metaphor of the relationship between people and their furniture. The brands asked models to be in an awkward pose and enjoyable face when they touch the furniture. However, it’s not talking about loyalty in the relationship, but the controversial one.

Morally, you need to be exclusive with another one when you are in a relationship, but there is no need to be not that loyal to the furniture.

Ironically, the brand communicated in this teasing way and released the H5 pages on its WeChat account, with the slogan: “let’s indulge ourselves and take up with the new sweetheart(furniture) as you want” and offering different excuses of falling for the new.

A lamp with the latest design, a feast for the eyes

Even the old one is an impressive lamp, I only love it for 3 minutes.


A table with the aesthetic taste, stylish decortication from outside

If a table uses 30 years to show its loyalty, I would rather not be exclusive with it.


A cabinet with the novel design, considerate design from inside

If don’t use a new cabinet to store his heart, it’s probably hard to guarantee whether he would become a ‘playboy’.


A sofa with the new function, has a sense of inclusiveness

As to the sofas with sexy design, it is far from immoral to go overboard about every one of them.


Resonating with the current personalised and uniqueness-valued tendency, Macalline appropriated express the message that it’s time to renew your home furnishing with a touchy slogan. As a result, massive shares and likes generated after people’s serious faces turn to a laugh when they are swiping the H5.

Macalline, a domestic brand with an in-depth understanding of local culture, smartly captured the new generation’s interest-oriented value and the demand of being unique, successfully create an interesting brand image to its consumers.

Honestly, it might look awkward at some points but not cheesy. All of these are based on an in-depth insight of the trends of current culture and consumer behavior. As to domestic brands, it might easier for them to understand the dynamic and vivid on-going tendency than the foreign ones. However, without a strategical plan and a comprehensive cooperation across different online platforms, it’s hard to guarantee that things won’t go worry, after all, things change fast in this whirlwind developing digitized China.

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