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The Chinese Internet is one of the strictest in the world, when it comes to sites that are banned and search terms that people cannot search. However, China has announced that they are taking the internet to a new level when it comes to blocking content. Now, songs that are on the internet can be blocked if they are believed to be offensive in any way, towards anyone in the country.

The Rules for Songs

The news rules were announced at the beginning of November, and have taken effect by January of 2016. With these new rules in effect, the companies that are streaming music online have to take the time to take off those songs in which a person could find offensive. For these companies that are providing online streaming music, it does mean that they are going to have to have a set of individuals who are devoted to listening to music, determining if this is offensive, and then making the right arrangements to stopping this music from being heard by Chinese consumers.

Regulations for Songs and Videos

Not only is the Chinese internet going to put these regulations towards songs, but this also includes music videos. The new regulations will propose that any song or video that has:

  • Sexual content
  • Violent lyrics
  • Considered inappropriate for any other reason

These are the types of videos and songs that will be banned. Already, the government has blacklisted 120 songs that they released on their ban list in August. Most of these songs were hip-hop genre songs that referred to violence. Even more songs were banned because their titles referenced sex in some way.

It is estimated that 480 million of those who utilize Chinese internet are listening to streaming music and video sites. The latest regulations will join the likes of social media sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter that have been censored by Chinese Internet.

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