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The economy in China may be considered slow by many people throughout the globe, but one sector in China that is seeing growth despite the recession that other sectors are feeling is the travel sector. And the projections for this sector is one that is expected to grow as more and more Chinese consumers are gaining the ability to get online to find even more deals on Chinese travel.

The Stats

Reports from the China National Tourism Administration found that Chinese travel:

  • Chinese consumers were involved in over 2 billion trips in the first half of 2015
  • This number is a 10% growth from year to year
  • The money spent for travel related expenses is estimated to be around 1.65 trillion Yuan, a growth of around 15% per year
  • The growth in the travel sector is actually 4% higher than what is seen in the online shopping world, a huge surprise to many
  • For 2015, experts expect to see an increase in yearly travel by 25%
  • The online travel sector saw a huge milestone reached during the first quarter of 2015 through reaching sales of approximately 95 billion Yuan, a 50% yearly growth compared to past years

Below is a graph showcasing the growth of the travel sector in China:

travel graph

Chart courtesy of


These stats are speaking only of Chinese consumers who are traveling, not of those who wish to travel into China.

Getting Onboard with Chinese Travel

Due to the high number of people who are interested in traveling in China, more and more countries are extending their hands in welcome to Chinese travelers. For countries looking to get their country out there into the Chinese public, they are working with local travel offices and even online offices, offering deals for Chinese consumers to take advantage of.

The online travel sector is booming, and will continue to do so as Chinese consumers utilize their smartphones and other devices to access the Internet. In addition, this is often the more affordable approach to getting travel plans and destinations. According to China Travel Discovery, the top 9 online travel websites visiting in China include:

  1. Ctrip
  2. com
  3. com
  4. com
  5. com
  6. Baidu travel
  7. Lvping
  8. Daodao
  9. Youdodo

So what can companies do who want to break into the travel sector within China? Partnering with one of these online websites that are offering travel deals to Chinese consumers is perhaps the most cost effective and less stressful way of reaching Chinese consumers. These companies are already established within the Chinese community, so they are trusted. Chinese consumers are more worried about utilizing companies with reputations that are superb. They want quality products and services, as they feel that their money should not be wasted when it comes to what they purchase.

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