Chou Tai Fook challenges Post-90 millennial stereotypes – Local Luxury Campaign


In a new campaign from the biggest Hong Kong jewelry company, Chow Tai Fook, aiming at the “me” generation—post-90s’ in China, the brand suggested that their theme necklace is the symbol for post-90s to be proud of being themselves.

The campaign was conducted via an H5 with a flow of animated images on WeChat. The GIFs in this H5 featured different stereotypes that people hold towards post-90s’. Based on the unique attitudes from post-90s, the campaign created the relevant bespoke GIF stories in the H5. Showing the particular theme necklace beside the H5 page, the campaign nicely connects the product with post-90s’.

Let’s have a look at this campaign in detail.

Post-90s’ :Too simple?


We are sincere. It is me. I have my very own belief.


Post-90s’ :Too light-hearted?

We are optimism. There are still lots of journeys to go, and I don’t have time to waste on the current unhappiness.

We are optimistic.
There are still lots of journeys to come, and I don’t have time to be angry.

Post-90s’ :Too crazy?

We are passionate. Forget the pressure from your work, let’s please us with clapping hands.

We are passionate.
Forget about the pressure from the work, let’s make ourselves happy by clapping

Post-90s’:Too stubborn?

We are persistent. No matter how many failures I have got, I will keep fighting.

We are persistent.
No matter how many failures I have, I will keep fighting.

As a domestic jewelry brand, Chou Tai Fook faces pressure from overseas luxury brands. However, leveraging a natural advantage as a local brand, Chou Tai Fook understands how to speak to Chinese consumers ‘in context’. Post-90s’, the most ‘misunderstood’ generation, is chosen as the brand’s target.

As one of the post-90s, I used to treat Chou Tai Fook as an old brand that belongs to my parents’ age. However, I started to follow their WeChat account after going through this H5. Maybe, there is wisdom in being wise.

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Cherry Han

Cherry Han is a Consumer Research Specialist at Resonance. Graduating from Newcastle University, with a Masters degree in Media and Public Relations, she has more recently set her sights to deciphering the behavior of Chinese netizens – particularly her fellow post-90s.

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