Columbia Turns Rain Jackets into Super Heroes


Columbia’s newest campaign in China,  called “Battle of the Tough City”, will have you thinking you’re watching a super hero cartoon.  A team suited up in Columbia rain jackets free-falls from a plane, landing in a city where no one is safe from the evils of water.  You can watch the Columbia clad team battles the Watertown ‘villains’ below:

Let’s have a look at the H5 below

Repels man spraying hose.

Shields her from woman throwing water out her window

Covers him from getting sprayed by a gardener’s hose


Evil weather man sends rainstorms

Car drives by and creates a giant splash

Columbia Rain Jackets Become Weapon of Choice

Dramatic and stealthy fighting moves are made to dodge and repel the water attacks.  The Columbia rain jackets are the weapon of choice to thwart the water villains, and at the end of the ad they are deemed “Tested Tough”.

Seems to me that Columbia rain jackets just turned into the latest new super hero costume based on this ad.  These examples seem a little drastic and not likely to ever happen, but hey, I guess you’ll be prepared if they do.  Protection from the rain has never looked so cool and also rain and water has never looked so intimidating in this ad.  I’d say it’s pretty over exaggerated, but I think it brings to light that Chinese people love action and are totally into the animated dramatics.

Columbia’s ad incorporates a fun storyline with animation and super heroes that make ordinary rain jackets look like some sort of fun new invention.

Columbia has taken an everyday concern – bad weather – and transformed it into a battle.  The brand has placed their product as the solution, so presents itself ‘on the side’ of the consumer, a great way to build intimacy.

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Leah is a researcher on the SMART@Resonance team. She originally hails from Centerville, Indiana, and as an avid foodie, Guangzhou naturally is the Chinese city she enjoys exploring the most.

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