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Social media is just not for businesses who are looking to increase their consumer base, nor is it for consumers who want to have some fun while online. Social media is changing the methods for every organization out there, even those which are considered non-profit corporations. Case in point, China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) has taken to social media as a way to help disadvantaged pregnant women, as well as new mothers, in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in China’s Yunnan Province.

About the CWDF

The CWDF, as most people refer to it as, is a non-profit organization that looks to help pregnant women and new mothers to get the nutrition they need. They provide health care and other necessities that these women need through pregnancy and well after childbirth. The goal of the CWDF is to reach as many women as possible, hence their desire to work with social media.

The CWDF and Sina Weibo

Working with Grand Sun, a baby and maternity products company based in Shanghai, CWDF is utilizing Sina Weibo as a way to get their work out to the public. This is ranked as China’s fifth most popular social media site that citizens are utilizing.

With Sina Weibo, each time the CWDF is having an event, giveaway, or simply want the public to remember these women, they can post to the micro-blogging site. These posts are short snippets of the event or issue the foundation wants to bring to light. Posts range in terms of what they are supporting, while some posts are simply for fun. Below is an example of a post that CWDF has done in the past:

CWDF weibo post

With their latest collaboration with Grand Sun, each time the post made by the CWDF was reposted by bloggers, Grand Sun would donate 50 yuan to the foundation event. The idea was to raise awareness, while also making it easier to hand out these packages to those women who needed them.

In the end, the project handed out 5,000 parcels worth 2 million yuan total to those new mothers or expecting mothers. These parcels contained health products that were meant to assist these women, in which a doctor, Xiang Wenxin, lectured the women on proper uses of these products, as well as a lecture on childbirth.

CWDF Using Online Shopping Platform

Not only is CWDF working with social media to raise awareness for important issues, they are also utilizing the popular Tmall online shopping platform as a way to get even more interest in their charity. Grand Sun utilize their already established Tmall e-store, and opened a charity channel on this to allow shoppers to see the difference they are making with the CWDF.

Utilizing social media and online shopping platforms may seem a bit unorthodox for a non-profit organization to utilize, but they are rendering results. More people are now aware of the obstacles these women face, and it has resulted in more people wanting to help, whether this is through reposting a blog, donating their own money or time, or simply spreading the word. The non-profit organization is an example of a company who is using these resources in a method that does matter.

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