Daniel Zhang’s Vision for Alibaba


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The incoming Alibaba CEO was upbeat on Thursday 7 May about his company’s prospects when he spoke on CNBC. He praised the ‘very solid’ transition to mobile platforms, and vowed to continue his predecessor’s plans to expand further into new business.

Zhang Predicts Increasing Take-Up on Mobile

ZhangZhang brushed aside the activity dip last quarter during Chinese New Year, when the percentage of people taking specific action on websites fell a little He forecasts the move from pc to mobile will continue.

We believe the take-up rate on the mobile side will increase to pc levels and even higher,” Zhang told the interviewer on “Squawk on the Street.”

Cross-Border Initiative to Continue

Following a successful quarter when Alibaba beat expectations by bumping gross up by 40% on retail marketplaces, Zhang will continue chasing the trend in high quality foreign imports. “We started our cross-border initiative one year ago because we wanted to help suppliers from all over the world to sell their products through our platform to Chinese consumers,” he explained.

Zero Tolerance for Grey Goods

Incoming CEO Daniel Zhang is still smarting from having knuckles rapped by Chinese government officials for hosting counterfeit products. He assured CNBC that Alibaba would continue to identify and remove these from its platform.

More Power for Zhang’s People

His final words addressed the aspirations of his people, whom he promised to develop at all levels of his organization so they could be upwardly mobile. Awesome way forward Zhang!

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