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Let’s come back into Childhood for the time of an article, through a WeChat game’s explanation of fever reducing medication’s brand.

As everyone knows, in a few days it will be Children’s day, and sadly this year, the 1st of June will be on Wednesday. Chinese kids will feel lonely since their parents have to work on that day. But the brand “Mei Lin” took that opportunity to make that day more creative by launching a new link on WeChat that will help you really remember children’s day time, and have some memories of it. We will explain you the way to use it step by step, and how does that fever medicine’s brand succeed in retaining their consumers.

By following the brand on WeChat’s social network, you will be able to try that new feature, where you can have a justification letter to skip work next Wednesday, or at least have some fun sharing the moment with your friends.

The kid is hoping to celebrate the Children’s Day with his mum

When you open the link from the official brand account, it brings you to the new features on this H5 page.

There, you see a young boy lost in his thoughts. He is dreaming in Chinese, of his mother having a break on children’s day so that she could attend his school show that day. Then he has a great idea and addresses himself directly to his mother (you the reader), he asks you to “please click on the button below”. That brings you to a feature where you can take a picture of your own children’s face and then edit it in a cute way with some famous character’s stickers on the top of it as the Batman.

You can upload the kid’s photo to create a cute leave request letter

This photo editing is then meant to your boss (in theory), to send him a justification letter for children’s day with an adorable Child’s letter linked in it, or you can share it with your friends and family for fun, with WeChat’s share functions.

In the middle of the game, an explanation of this fever medicine product pop’s up, to explain why it is a good brand. It is designed to draw users to feel closer to the brand’s values, without a lot of products explanations. it is a creative way to capture their attention and involvement.

The brand uses kid’s photo with a Batman sticker to create a children’s tone to communicate with its consumers

Launching this interactive marketing campaign makes the fever reducing medication’s brand retain their consumers and further promote their product.

It is a nice way to create content through one-to-one WeChat interactive game, and it initiate high engagement within followers.

That campaign is a successful interactive game campaign that is easy to use and to have fun participating in. It is not too serious, the game has a nice design, it involves the user to take pictures of himself or of its children to make it more personalized. It gives a good memory of that day, and a family friendly message to share. Thus it will allow the brand to become trusted by families.

Happy Children’s day, and have fun returning into childhood while using this WeChat feature.

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